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Whether you're new to Osteopathic treatment, new to Physiotherapy or Acupuncture, or just new to Coronation, you're probably wondering how your treatment session will work.

On the day of your treatment


Typically, treatments last one hour. After a thorough history is obtained, the practitioner conducts a physical examination and based upon findings from the examination, the practitioner will treat the patient usually lying on his/her back by applying a gentle, hands-on technique to free areas of the body.

During the treatment, some patients sense only a gentle touch and pressure, while others feel their body change “tone”. Some will feel a deep sense of relaxation, some inner body motions, and others feel nothing at all. All experiences are normal and part of the healing process.

Please wear comfortable clothing and it is best if women wear pants (jeans are not recommended as they restrict movement).

Following your treatment


After your treatment, you may experience a few days of feeling tired and/or mildly sore; this is normal and can indicate that the body is going through a change as it is starting to heal. We recommend reasonable rest for 2-3 days following a treatment, including eliminating/limiting intense exercises and keeping well hydrated each day. Going for relaxing walks is recommended.

Typically, problems after acute injury are resolved in one or two treatments; however, more complex problems often take longer. There is no set number of treatments. At each visit the patient is re-examined and diagnosed. In general, the longer you have had a condition and the more health issues presented, the longer it may take the body to return to health. 

Have Specific Questions?

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